Frequently Asked Questions

Theta Tau is the largest co-ed professional fraternity in the field of engineering. The purpose of Theta Tau is to develop and maintain a high standard of professional interest among its members, and to unite them in a strong bond of fraternal fellowship.

Q: Why Theta Tau?
What makes Theta Tau great is our development of the whole student. The area between social fraternity and honors society allows us to create an environment where students can grow academically and professionally, as well as socially. Professionalism is pinnacle, yet at the same time we look to create a social environment to develop very marketable interpersonal skills.

Q: Who can be a member?
Any ODU student seeking an ABET accredited degree in Engineering, Engineering Technology or Computer Science who is in good academic standing (2.0 GPA or better) may be eligible for membership. Also, potential brothers must not be within 6 months of graduation, nor shall he or she be under the age of 18 by the time of initiation. Any student recognized as a freshman in his or her first semester is omitted from participating at the moment, as well. Candidates must not be a member of the following competing organizations:

  • Alpha Chi Sigma
  • Alpha Omega Epsilon
  • Alpha Rho Chi
  • Alpha Sigma Kappa
  • Sigma Beta Epsilon
  • Sigma Phi Delta
  • Sigma Rho
  • Kappa Eta Kappa
  • Scarab
  • Triangle
  • Phi Sigma Rho

Q: How can I become a member?
In order to become a member of Theta Tau, first we have to meet you! During the first few weeks of the Fall and Spring semester, we hold Rush events where we meet potential members. After Rush, we invite people who we may want to join our Chapter to become a pledge. After one complete semester of pledging, you can be invited to become a full member of Theta Tau.

Q: What is Rush?
Rush is the first step to membership into Theta Tau. Rush is a series of events that take place at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semester, where we meet potential members. These events range from cookouts, poker night, video game nights, movie nights, or going to ODU games. These events offer an opportunity for potential members to meet the brothers of the chapter, and ask any questions they may have about Theta Tau. Check the calendar for a complete schedule.

Q: What is Pledging?
After Rush is complete, brothers will extend invitations to individuals whom they think will be a good fit to the Fraternity. Individuals who accept the invitations are then known as pledges. Over the course of one semester, brothers teach pledges about the history of Theta Tau, as well as the history of our local chapter. During the semester, pledges have the opportunity to bond with brothers and learn about day to day operations.

Q: Is there a fee to join?
As with any fraternity or sorority, there is a fee to be a member of Theta Tau. However, it is significantly lower than those organizations considered mainly social. A membership to Theta Tau is life long, however, you are only required to pay dues until you graduate. For more specific information, come speak to one of our brothers during any of our Rush events.